Hall Propane unloading a gas tank onto a residential property

We Supply the Tank

Tank Usage Requirements

We are happy to provide you with a gas tank for a low one-time hook-up fee and in some cases free hook-up. However, gas tanks are very expensive costing an average of $550.00. Due to this expense, we are investing in you as a customer. In order to keep your fuel prices low, we must use our tanks as efficiently as possible. Please plan to use a minimum of 1.5 times the capacity of the tank provided to you each year. (ex. 100 gallon x 1.5 = 150 gallons per year) We do our best to size your tank appropriately in the initial setup; however, your fuel usage may change.

It would be unfair to our customers as a whole to continue to service tanks that are oversized. If a customer has an oversized tank that is not allowed to be downsized, then we must charge an annual tank and regulator maintenance fee.

If you notice that you are using less than 1.5 times that tank’s capacity per year, then contact us so we can change your tank to a smaller size at no charge to you. Also, if your fuel needs change and you require more capacity we will contact you to make arrangements to suit your needs.

Tank Placement Requirements

120 D.O.T. (vertical tank) or smaller tanks can be set right beside a building with the following safety restrictions:

The tank must be 3 feet from any low window or vent.

The tank must also be 10 feet from any electrical spark.

330 or 500 gallon (horizontal) ASME tanks must be 10 feet from any structure or any property line that can be built upon.

It would be very helpful to us if you can mark where you want the tank; and if there are any underground lines between the tank location and the house.