Clean, Safe & Affordable Propane Solutions.

There are so many reasons to switch to propane. Whether you’re looking to transition a home, business or farm, Hall is here to help you.

  • Propane Is Clean

    The EPA defined propane as an alternative fuel in their 1990 Clean Air Act because it is non-toxic, insoluble in water and emits minimal emissions.

  • Propane Is Safe

    Strict regulations ensure propane is a safe fuel for your home or business. Our distributors add Ethyl Mercaptan to odorize LP, so leaks are obvious if they happen.

  • Propane Saves Money

    National statistics show that propane costs 30% less, on average, compared to electric heating and appliances.

  • Propane Is American

    Current estimates show that the United States produces 90% of the propane used in American houses and businesses.

  • Propane Is Efficient

    Propane equipment and appliances are highly efficient, meaning you’ll use less energy with propane than electricity or fuel oil.