Live In Comfort All Year Long With Regular HVAC System Maintenance.

Yearly inspections and maintenance ensure that your HVAC system works when you need it most. Here are the top reasons you should make and keep your annual appointment or service plan:

  • Identifies Problems: Yearly maintenance can find minor problems before they become major issues. For example, if your system starts to blow less cold air, you may not immediately notice; however, that issue can often lead to the failure of the unit’s compressor. Replacing a compressor is much more expensive than finding the blockage so that air flows freely through the system. During a yearly inspection, our qualified technicians will determine if the air is flowing as it should.
  • Saves Energy: Yearly inspections ensure your unit(s) is working properly. An efficient HVAC system can save you money on propane or electricity compared to an older or lagging unit. During our inspections, we’ll make sure your unit is clean and free of debris for consistent operation all year long. We’ll also check and replace your filters, if new ones are provided at the time of visit.
  • Protects Your Investment: Yearly maintenance ensures your unit operates as it should for as long as it can. For example, cleaning and maintaining system coils makes for a more efficient system that lasts longer. A well-functioning HVAC system can also save you money on energy bills and improve the air quality in your home.
  • Protects Our Environment: A more efficient system uses less fuel. While refrigerants, like freon, are much more environmentally friendly than they used to be, they still have a negative impact on the environment.

Hall Provides Experienced HVAC Service In Southern VA.

If you live in or around the counties of Franklin, Henry, Patrick, Floyd, or Pittsylvania VA, Hall is your qualified source for comprehensive HVAC service. Check out our service area to learn more! Our experienced team provides dependable work at an affordable rate. Plus, if you’re already a propane customer, it’s even easier to get on our schedule. Contact our team for a free estimate and schedule your next inspection now to ensure your system is ready for all the seasons. Ready for HVAC system maintenance?