Yes – And Here’s Why Stuart, VA, Homeowners Choose Propane Fireplaces.

There are many reasons to choose a propane log set over burning wood at your Stuart, VA home. Here are the top three reasons why propane trumps wood every time:

  1. Enjoy Easy Ambiance: It’s so easy to enjoy a natural-looking fire when you choose a propane log set from Hall. With just a push on a remote, you can activate your fireplace and enjoy a cozy winter in the comfort of your home.
  2. Revel In Less Mess: With a propane log set, you won’t have to scoop ash out of your fireplace or deal with leftover bits of wood scattered around the hearth. You’ll love the simple upkeep and enjoy your fireplace more consistently – from cooler spring mornings to frigid cold winters.
  3. Breathe Easy With Less Smoke: Wood creates smoke and harmful particulates that stick to your walls and lungs. Gas logs are 99% efficient with less smoke.
  4. Safer Burning At Home: You can place many log sets behind glass which, while hot, is still a safer option for small children. Propane also produces much less creosote than burning wood which reduces the chance of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Add A Fireplace Anywhere With Flexible Installation Options!

We sell log sets in two different configurations, vented and vent-free. Vented fireplaces require a chimney vent pipe (similar to a traditional wood-burning fireplace). These log sets work great when converting a wood-burning fireplace into a propane setup. Vent-free fireplaces, however, allow you to add a log set to a room in your house without the traditional chimney ventilation. Keep in mind that these work best in larger, open spaces where some ventilation occurs naturally.

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