Understanding Your HVAC Options: Mini Splits vs. Central Air

If you’re considering buying a new HVAC system or replacing your air conditioner system in Stuart or Rocky Mount, VA, knowing your choices is important. The most popular HVAC systems are central air and ductless mini splits. Each has benefits and drawbacks that are important to understand before purchasing.

How Do HVAC Systems Work?

All HVAC systems operate on the same basic principles. Air conditioners pull air from your house, run it through a condenser and send cool air back into your house. So, air conditioners don’t produce cold air; they actually remove heat and humidity from the existing air. Cool, huh?

Central Air Is A Traditional HVAC System.

When most people think of air conditioners, they think of a central air system. A central air system has one condenser and one air handler and redistributes air via ductwork throughout your house. Some pros of central air are that it offers better filtration and air purification, it is discrete in your home, and there are lower upfront equipment costs because most homes already have ductwork. Alternatively, central air can be wasteful because it cools an entire home, including rooms that are not in use.

Want Precise Cooling? Use Ductless Mini Splits.

In contrast, ductless (mini splits) systems have multiple air handlers inside that are connected to one condenser outside. The cooling process is the same, but each handler directly serves one room or zone (without ductwork). This means you can choose precise settings for each room or area, ultimately saving energy and money! They are great options for older homes without ductwork, garages or new additions because adding ductwork can be costly and time-consuming. They are also efficient and require less overall maintenance. On the other hand, they do not filter the same quantity of air, and some customers dislike the aesthetic appearance of the units.

Speak With An Experienced Professional Before Deciding.

Replacing your AC system can become overwhelming with all the options and new technology available. It’s always best to consult with professionals before upgrading or replacing your HVAC system. Before making recommendations, they will consider all the facts, including the size of your home, the current use of your spaces, aesthetic preferences, and your budget. Getting an expert opinion assures that you’re making the best choice.

Hall technician servicing an HVAC unit outside home.

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