Safeguard Your Wallet & Gain Peace Of Mind.

If you’ve ever experienced the unpredictability of propane and fuel prices, you know the financial rollercoaster it can be—especially during the colder months. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Price Shield. Hall’s innovative protection plan gives you more than consistent propane pricing—it’s your ticket to money savings and peace of mind. Here are some of the compelling ways Price Shield can help you effectively manage your propane costs:

Hall Propane

Protection From Propane Price Surges

Propane prices tend to ebb and flow, often surging during peak demand periods, like winter. With Price Shield, you protect your wallet from these price spikes. For a small annual fee, Hall’s Price Shield caps your maximum per gallon rate, so you’ll never be blindsided. You can rest easy knowing that you will pay no more than that set rate even in a worst-case scenario market fluctuation. 

Savings When Propane Prices Drop

One of the exceptional benefits of Price Shield is that it’s a two way benefit—not only does it protect you from price increases, but it also allows you to capitalize on lower prices if they happen to drop. Without Price Shield, if propane prices were to decrease after you’ve made an upfront annual fixed prebuy purchase, you’d miss out on potential savings. However, with Price Shield, you always pay the lower rate, making it a win-win for your budget.

Budget Predictability

Hall’s Price Shield program isn’t just about securing rates; it’s also about securing peace of mind. Budgeting becomes a breeze when you know the most you’ll possibly pay for propane per gallon. It’s like insurance for fuel prices. And if prices drop, you’ll have some extra money in your pocket! No more unexpected or seasonal price fluctuations to disrupt your financial plans—Price Shield ensures you have a clear understanding of your propane costs, allowing you to manage your household expenses with ease.

Enjoy The Convenience Of Automatic Renewal.

Price Shield is designed to free you from the hassle of propane purchasing. As an added benefit, Price Shield conveniently renews automatically each year on October 1st, allowing you to consistently predict pricing without any added effort. 

Price Shield Protects You From Volatile Propane Prices.

Hall Propane’s commitment to your comfort and financial well-being is evident in the Price Shield program. You can rest assured knowing that If fuel prices drastically increase, then your price is capped. If prices decrease, then you pay the lower market rate. Starting at just $20 a year, Price Shield makes sense for your home and wallet. Don’t be caught off guard by unpredictable propane costs! 

*Price Shield starts and renews at $.30 per gallon over the current market price at enrollment and renewal.