Share The Warmth When You Refer A Friend.

Do you have a friend, neighbor or family member who needs a referral for their propane provider? As the cold winter months approach, there’s no better time to spread the warmth and savings. Hall’s enhanced, online referral program makes it easy for you and your friends to save money and live in comfort!

Earn A $50 Account Credit.

Exciting news! Our refer-a-friend bonus has increased! Once your referred friend signs up for service and an online user account with Hall, you’ll each receive a $50 account credit—a win-win to keep you both warm without breaking the bank!

All referrals work through MyFuelPortal only. Referral credits are automatically generated to both parties after the referred user creates their MyFuelProtal account, and a payment amount of $100+ is processed.

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Your Key To Shared Savings. Here’s How The Referral Program Works.

It’s simple. If you know someone in Mount Airy, NC or the surrounding area who needs a propane provider, offer them a referral to Hall Propane. Whether they’ve just moved into a new home or recently completed a construction project, everyone needs warmth in the winter. The best part? Both you and your referred friend enjoy the benefits.

Combine Your Referral With Hall’s Other Money-Saving Programs.

Unlock the full spectrum of benefits by combining our referral program with Hall’s other money-saving programs. You can tailor your propane experience to align with your lifestyle and budget. 

Service Plans

Safeguard the performance of your propane, natural gas and HVAC appliances with a service plan. From regular inspections to priority service, these maintenance plans keep your systems running efficiently, saving you money on repairs.

Payment Plans

Take control of your budget with our flexible payment plans. You can choose to spread your propane expenses evenly over the year with the Budget Plan or even lock in favorable rates with Price Shield. Our payment plans offer fully customizable options to help manage your propane expenses.

Paperless Billing

Go green and enjoy the convenience of paperless billing. When you choose electronic statements, you contribute to environmental sustainability while streamlining your billing process. No more paper clutter—just easy access to your bills online, anytime.

Get Rewarded With Hall’s Referral Program!

Ready to share the rewards of referring a friend? Make a referral on MyFuelPortal to seamlessly introduce your friends to Hall Propane and accumulate account credits. Remember—the more you share warmth, the more the benefits return to you!