A Ventless Gas Fireplace Makes It Easy To Live In Comfort!

A ventless gas fireplace allows you to enjoy a fire without the hassle of storing wood and cleaning ash. Plus, federal regulations ensure manufacturers integrate robust safety standards and testing into each model they design and build so you know your family is safe. Here is how they work along with some of their key benefits:

Burns Efficiently: Ventless gas fireplaces work well because they’re designed to burn cleaner than their vented counterparts. Each ventless model has a regulator that mixes gas and air, eliminating exhaust fumes to work similarly to a kitchen gas range. Ventless models burn so cleanly that you won’t need a chimney flue at all.

Smart Design: A ventless fireplace pulls air from the room and channels it through the regulator to create the flame. The warm air is then pushed back into the room through an outlet typically located at the top of the fireplace. This u-shaped design means ventless fireplaces can provide more heat since none of it is being vented outside.

Integrated Safety Features: Many ventless gas fireplaces come with carbon monoxide detectors and oxygen sensors. If carbon monoxide levels get too high and/or oxygen levels get too low, the unit will automatically shut off. Keep in mind that with all these clever features, we still recommend you keep a window or the flue (if there is one) slightly open while running your unit.

Hall Sells & Installs Leading Brands.

We’ve partnered with reputable ventless gas fireplace brands to provide North Carolina and Virginia homeowners with a dependable, affordable fireplace option. While we have access to many brands, we’re proud to supply and recommend Heatmaster, a local favorite made in North Carolina! For more than 60 years, clients have been choosing Hall to help them live in comfort all year long. Ready for a ventless gas fireplace for your home? Get in touch!